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Hello there, and welcome to Overon! This MediaWiki page is a repository for the community's lore.

Note that very little communication happens in this wiki. If you want to get in contact with us or any of our members, please use the regional Discord.

If you have any questions, contact Pasthaura or Veldias.

Overview[edit | edit source]

We're a world-building community playing geopolitical entities, and their related assets, in an Earth-like world. The technology and aesthetics of the same could best be considered Steampunk.

Switchboard[edit | edit source]

Current RPs. Former RPs. NationStates site. Discord join invite thing.

Important Articles[edit | edit source]

Important articles and stuff go here. Mostly stuff because very little of this is actually important.

Article of the Month[edit | edit source]

The Veldian Tetrarchy (Veldian: Weldisches Tetrarchie), commonly known as Veldias (Veldian: Weldien) and the Tetrarchy (Veldian: Tetrarchie), is a political union in Overon, located in the western Sensath.

It is composed of four realms and a palatine island, covers about 3.1 million square kilometers, and contains about 70 million people, making it the most populous national entity in Sensath. The Tetrarchy has a largely temperate, seasonal climate, although its geography varies considerably with fertile lowlands as well as towering mountains. Major cities include Himmelsdorf, Leonheim, Worms, Ampelfurt, Drachenhof, and Freienthal.

The Tetrarchy can be classified as a constitutional parliamentary political union. In common parlance, it is referred to as a country; nonetheless, this is not the case de jure. Representation in the legislative and judicial branches of the government is completely homogeneous for each of the four realms, implying that power is shared in equal fashion between the Four Realms.

This article, for August 2018, was written primarily by Svet.

Countries[edit | edit source]

For a more detailed view, please visit the List of countries.

Overview Capital Continent Head of State

Empire of the Eternal Sun
ایمپه‌راتۆرییئ تڤێ بێدئوی
Împeratoriya Tavê Bêdawî

Pherica Padishahe Esrîn I

Impirium of Ambria
Arlon Sensath Empress Katherin Victoria I

High Chiefdom of Pasthaura
Elaskel Pasparvath Pasthaurathi
Sensath or Pherica
Queen Thastara of the Wolf Clan

Most Serene Republic of Artiglia
La Serenissima Repubblica d'Artiglia

Sensath The Three Consuls

Sovereign and Glorious Partania
Háriñg Capurípuríhañg Partáña
Caluñgsúrañg Cútañglácan
Pherica King Salamat II

United Republic of Bagosia
Republika Unita de Bagosia
Bagosia City
Ziutat de Bagosia
Bagosia Consul Diogo Lorai

Ambrian Cuthi

Pherica Viceroy Lord Tolhain

Veldian Tetrarchy
Weldisches Tetrarchie

Sensath The Four Tetrarchs

Republik von Stavenberg
Ilstatt Sensath Syndic Rundestatt

Jovianisch Freigrafschaft
Freistadt Sensath Maximilian II

Keenicherei funn Uklora
Neu Hafenstadt Bagosia? Keenich Kasimirz Bagan
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